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Guest Opinion: San Francisco needs more housing

The Bay Area Reporter • Jan. 10, 2024

San Francisco has a notoriously difficult permitting process exacerbated by NIMBYs (not in my backyard), and bans on apartments and triplexes prevents any homes from being added. Consequently, very little, if anything, gets built.

“For decades, San Francisco has flouted state laws regulating housing projects,” the pro-development advocacy organization San Francisco YIMBY said in a statement. “This report will obliterate local obstructionism in San Francisco...

Are YIMBYs on the Verge of Winning San Francisco’s Housing War?

The San Francisco Standard • Oct. 16, 2023

“I’m glad YIMBYs were patient and stayed focused on the goal: Make dense housing easier and faster to build in places that need it,” Fryman said. “Activism is successful when you achieve enough system changes to make yourself irrelevant.

Once SB423 goes into effect in the spring, and San Francisco flunks its state assessment, getting new housing approved will be much more like getting your license renewed at the DMV...

How new housing can save S.F. schools from financial freefall

San Francisco Chronicle • Sept. 21, 2023

New housing development on school district land could provide funding streams it could use to close its deficit, pay teachers competitively and create schools attractive enough that those with privilege decide to remain in a public education setting.

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San Francisco Lawmakers Punt Housing Bill After Pushback, Changes

The San Francisco Standard • Sept. 19, 2023

“A lot of these decisions are decisions you already made,” said Jane Natoli, a director at the pro-housing group YIMBY Action and an airport commissioner. “We are going to lose millions of dollars in affordable housing and transportation funds … We know [the state is] paying attention to what we do.