January 2021 ADEM endorsements

Join the fight for more housing!

San Francisco YIMBY fights year round for more housing. From election organizing to supporting individual housing projects to legislation advocacy there's a lot of work to be done. Join the movement and become part of our community of housing advocates.

Vote in ADEM for housing! SF YIMBY endorses Rise Together Slate for AD-17

Rise Together Slate

San Francisco YIMBY endorses the Rise Together slate for AD-17 ADEMs! We are excited to support this pro-housing group of candidates, especially YIMBY leaders Annie Fryman and Mike Chen. This slate will promote pro-housing legislation and endorse phenomenal elected officials like David Chiu and Scott Wiener.

  • #21 Nima Rahimi

  • #22 Chris Corgas

  • #23 Annie Fryman

  • #24 Gladys Soto

  • #25 Thea Selby

  • #26 Kristen Webb

  • #27 Tony Rodriguez

  • #28 Kurt B. Grimes

  • #29 Tyra Fennell

  • #30 Anita Lau

  • #31 Mike Chen

  • #32 Marcos Aranda

  • #33 Sharky Laguana

  • #34 Alex Barrett-Shorter

SF YIMBY endorsements for AD-19

San Francisco YIMBY endorses 14 fantastic candidates for AD-19 ADEMs! These candidates will support great pro-housing legislators and help us build housing on the westside. We're thrilled to see YIMBY leads Jane Natoli and Marcus Ismael running and are eager to get out the vote in this important election.

  • #12 Martin Rawlings-Fein

  • #18 Lanier Coles

  • #21 Basem Manneh

  • #23 Michael Sweet

  • #24 Marcus Ismael

  • #25 Anupama Krishna Menon

  • #26 Stephanie Lehman

  • #27 Selina Sun

  • #29 Matthew Rhoa

  • #30 Ellie Miller Hall

  • #39 David Golden

  • #42 Ashley McGovern Wessinger

  • #43 Jane Natoli

  • #49 Al Perez

Register by Midnight on Monday, January 11th!

To vote in ADEMs you must be a Democratic Party member in California and you must request your ballot even if you normally get your ballot by mail. Register today at ademelections.com.

Taking the Pro-Housing Movement to Sacramento

Since joining the California State Assembly and Senate, Assemblymembers David Chiu and Senator Scott Wiener have championed pro-housing, progressive legislation like:

  • Strengthening the Housing Accountability Act which lets activists like YIMBY Law sue cities for illegally blocking housing

  • Affordable Housing Streamlining which cuts years off of the permitting process for affordable housing developers and has led to thousands of new homes across the state

  • Expansion of the State Density Bonus Law which permits greater density for projects in exchange for more Below Market Rate units

  • California Rent Cap and Just Cause for Evictions protect renters statewide from large rent increases and forbids no-fault evictions

San Francisco YIMBY and our endorsed ADEM candidates are committed to a California Democratic Party that embraces this kind of bold, progressive legislation to fight our housing crisis.

What is ADEM?

ADEM (Assembly District Election Meetings) are elections held every two years in January, where Democratic voters elect delegates to represent their assembly district in the California Democratic Party. If you are a Democratic Party member in California, register today at ademelections.com.

Delegates choose the party leadership, set the policy platform, and endorse on state and federal elections.

Why should I vote in ADEM?

Voting in the ADEM elections will promote pro-housing voices and policies up and down California.

In order to fix broken incentives and legalize housing, YIMBY is building a movement to elect pro-housing officials, who can promote policies and pass legislation to allow more housing. In ADEM, you have the chance to elect pro-housing delegates, who will in turn endorse pro-housing candidates for office.

How do I vote in ADEM?

To vote, you must be a registered Democrat, and you must request your ballot at ademelections.com by January 11th. This election is run by the California Democratic Party, not the official election department, so you must request a ballot regardless of how you've voted in previous elections.

When do I vote in ADEM?

  1. Take one minute now and register for the election at ademelections.com. The deadline to request your ballot is January 11th.

  2. Complete and mail your ballot back in the postage-paid envelope by Wednesday January 27th. The party must receive your ballot by Saturday, January 30th.

Whom should I vote for?

Each assembly district elects 14 candidates: 7 self-identifying female candidates and 7 other than self-identifying female candidates. To win, candidates typically run on a slate that brings together representatives from multiple constituencies. If each candidate's supporters vote for the entire slate, the slate performs better than if the candidates go it alone.

San Francisco is split into two assembly districts, AD-19 which represents the westside of the city and AD-17 on the eastside.

You can use this map to check which district you're in.

San Francisco Assembly Districts