Blog Letter of Support for 1228 Funston Ave

Dec. 7, 2023

Board of Appeals
City and County of San Francisco
49 S Van Ness Ave
San Francisco, CA 94103


RE: Support for Permit Holders for 1228 Funston Ave

Dear Board of Appeals:

SF YIMBY is pleased to support the permit holders for the proposed project at 1228 Funston Ave. This project would add two additional homes. Every home helps to address our citywide housing shortage and in particular, we need more homes in communities like the Sunset. In addition, the Board of Appeals has an obligation to abide by the relevant state laws that allow these homes. The additional homes should have never been denied by the Planning Department as that was a violation of state law. There are over 14,000 SF YIMBY supporters in San Francisco.

SF YIMBY is a party of YIMBY Action, a network of pro-housing activists fighting for more inclusive housing policies. Our vision is an integrated society where every person has access to a safe, affordable home near jobs, services, and opportunity.

San Francisco’s severe housing shortage is causing skyrocketing homelessness and poverty, crippling our economy, and leading to debilitating commutes that exacerbate our global climate crisis. These impacts fall disproportionately on our city’s low-income workers and families, and disproportionately deny communities of color access to opportunity. If we strive to be a society that advances racial and class justice, we must do more to ensure abundant housing in our region. This project will help address the housing shortage and ensure a welcoming San Francisco where everyone can thrive.

Best regards,

Jane Natoli,

San Francisco Organizing Director