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Get the low-down on the upcoming ADEM elections

Dec. 1, 2022


Every two years, California registered Democratic Party voters elect delegates to the California Democratic Party (CDP). Party delegates control the influential Democratic Party endorsements for state and federal offices, including the State Assembly, State Senate, Governor, and US Senator. To ensure that San Francisco elects pro-housing candidates to state and federal offices, we encourage all pro-housing Democrats to register for the ADEM elections by the deadline on Saturday, December 31 at 11:59 PM Pacific time. Voters will receive their ballots in January, and they must return ballots by January 31. It takes five minutes: don't miss out!

Click here to register for ADEM elections


  • Q: I am already registered to vote. Do I need to register separately for ADEMs?
    • A: Yes! ADEM elections are California Democratic Party internal elections, and you will not automatically get a ballot. You must affirmatively register to vote in the election.
  • Q: I'm having trouble registering to vote in ADEM elections. What should I do?
  • Q: I am registered. Who should we vote for?
    • A: Stay tuned! Endorsements to come soon.
  • Q: I am an ADEM candidate. How do I get SF YIMBY and YIMBY Action's endorsement?
  • Q: Where are your endorsements?
    • A: Click here for San Francisco ADEM endorsements, and click here for ADEM endorsements across the state from our parent organization YIMBY Action.