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The YIMBY Urbanist Voter Guide allows you to support or oppose those candidates and ballot measures YIMBY Action has endorsed (or not) on the June 5, 2018 Election in San Francisco.

The Voter Guide is a “slate mailer organization” which takes payments directly from candidates and ballot measures to appear on its slate card which will be distributed far and wide in San Francisco, by U.S. mail and electronically. The Voter Guide may also accept payments from third parties who want certain candidates or measures to appear on the mailer.

Your payments to the Voter Guide are not tax deductible and will appear on its public campaign reports. In some cases, payments to the Voter Guide could trigger reporting for the payor, but we can assist you with questions you may have in this regard.

To support or oppose a candidate and ballot measure, simply fill out the form on the right and ensure that you select the right candidate(s) or measure(s).

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