November 2018 Endorsement Questionnaire

Thank you for engaging in the YIMBY Action Endorsement process! With over 1700 members, YIMBY Action is a pro-housing organization that believes we must end our chronic housing shortage with a multi-pronged approach to the mass production of infill housing. We hope this questionnaire will help us understand your housing perspective.

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  • By answering the following questions, you’ll give our members — and all interested voters — a chance to learn about your stances on some of the most important issues facing our city. The answers to these questions will play a critical role in our endorsement process.

    YIMBY Action is a politically active non-profit organization that advocates for more infill home-building in the Bay Area, and beyond. We believe increasing housing supply is the most important thing we can do to lower both displacement and rents in the region, and we endorse candidates who prioritize aggressive solutions to the housing shortage.

    If this form doesn’t work for you, please send responses to [email protected] by 5pm on August 29, 2018.

    The following questions are meant to give you room to explain policies. We like detail and brevity, so please be as specific as you can while keeping your answers to fewer than 250 words.

    Fair warning, our members are housing nerds and appreciate detailed answers that address real issues in their neighborhoods. We encourage the use of numbers, data and local knowledge in your responses.

    If a question is truly not applicable to the office you’re running for, feel free to spend more time simply expressing your overall housing philosophy or things more relevant that you could do to advance the cause of abundant housing.