Michelle Bravo

YIMBY Action Questionnaire

In response to our questionnaire, Michelle Bravo responded with the following:

I’m not convinced that arbitrarily, “building more housing,” is the answer for San Francisco.

Throwing-up more housing over some purported, “crisis,” is just wrong. If we as a community are to keep the integrity and character of our city, we’re not going to do it with scare tactics to quickly, without proper long term planning and thought, build more ugly, cheap-looking developments like many that have already gone up in San Francisco. Quickly building more housing from a panic-button state isn’t going to solve our housing issues long term.

As a veteran and home owner in San Francisco, I would ensure ALL developers include affordable housing that first time homebuyers could BUY at an AFFORDABLE RATE, not just rent, that would provide first responders (i.e. cops, emergency response personnel, firefighters, etc.) social workers, teachers and similar careers the ability to BUY homes. These individuals are the BACKBONE of our city. If they’re tired because they have to commute in from a long way away they’re not necessarily going to be as supportive of San Franciscans and our community because they don’t live here or vote here.

I would like to see the aforementioned groups have FIRST opportunity to purchase new homes in San Francisco at an affordable rate with guidelines and specific stipulations, similar to BMR regulations in San Francisco, to ensure these folks actually live in the homes they buy and sell to similar individuals when and if they decide to leave the city.

As an example, roughly 27% of the SFPD live outside of San Francisco. The commitment the SFPD has to the San Francisco community at large and our values, in my opinion, isn’t, on the whole, in alignment if our police force lives far away and has no real connection to the community they are hired to serve and protect because they don’t live or vote here in San Francisco.

As mayor, I would look at long-term goals for ALL neighborhoods and ALL developments in San Francisco. Period.