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I live at ::ADDRESS:: and I hope I can count on you to vote for Home-SF.

After absurd delays, Supervisor Katy Tang’s Home-SF legislation is back. The legislation was formerly known as the Affordable Housing Bonus Program (AHBP) and is a local version of the State Density Bonus. Home-SF would add density along transit corridors in the City’s outlying neighborhoods. For many of these neighborhoods, it’s the first up-zoning they’ve seen in decades. The legislation gets us 30 percent subsidized housing and much more regular market rate housing. It’s a perfect example of a win-win.

Market rate housing and subsidized affordable housing are NOT in competition. We can do both. This legislation is a great example of that.

We need dramatically more housing, especially in our outlying neighborhoods, to address the chronic housing shortage. We cannot continue to dawdle, the need is too urgent.

Please pass Home-SF. And don’t stop there. Please look for more ways to add more housing at all levels of affordability to address San Francisco’s chronic housing shortage. It’s long past time.