San Francisco has become a poster child for the national housing crisis in cities. San Francisco YIMBYs have helped elected pro-housing leaders to the State Senate, the State Assembly, and the Mayor’s office, and are working to elect more pro-housing leaders to local offices, especially the Board of Supervisors. SF YIMBY is a chapter of YIMBY Action.

To determine who to endorse, SF YIMBY interviewed candidates and created a thorough questionnaire. These candidates will most effectively advocate for more housing in the city and end exclusionary single-family-home-only zoning. Additionally, we support several measures we believe are critical for better governance of our beloved-but-dysfunctional city.

February 2022 Special Election Primary for California Assembly District 17

Bilal Mahmood for california Assembly District 17

San Francisco YIMBY endorses Bilal Mahmood for the February 2022 Primary Election for California Assembly District 17.

You can read more about why we endorse Bilal here.