Episode 4: The Brisbane of My Existence

President Obama is officially a **YIMBY**. We're over the moon! Except... now we have to do the organizing to actually get this done. So, what does building a ground game look like?

Our old favorite Obama quote:
"Democracy works, America, but we got to want it - not just during an election year, but all the days in between."

Our new favorite Obama quote:
"We can work together to break down rules that stand in the way of building new housing and that keep families from moving to growing, dynamic cities."

Episode 3: Career Ending Podcast

San Francisco Planning Commissioner Christine Johnson gives us an insider perspective on all those hearings we've been tweeting from. How did she find herself on the Planning Commission? Is this how it ends? We hope not, because we're huge fans! With regular YIMBYs Laura Clark of Grow San Francisco, Sonja Trauss of Bay Area Renters Federation, and Silvia Mahan.