Celebrating Recent Wins in YIMBY



"We must ensure that we as a City walk the talk of equity and inclusivity – you don't need to be born here to live here. We won't put up a 'keep out' sign. Instead, we can plan for the future.”

- Supervisor Katy Tang




This is the most powerful housing legislation San Francisco has passed in probably 40 years. It represents the first real up-zoning the west side has ever seen. 

And we did it with your help. No joke.

Every email you sent, every phone call you made, every bit of outreach helped push this bill over the finish line. Supervisors Tang and Safai have been so grateful for all our support, and you should feel proud of that!

So, now let's party...

Join us at the YIMBY HomeSF Victory Party!

Thursday, June 8th at 6pm

3271 18th St, San Francisco, CA 94110

with a few words from Supervisors Tang and Safaí




ABC 10 out of Sacramento did a fantastic 10 minute piece on the YIMBY movement. We look great, and out opponents look like garbage. Not that we're gloating...


We do, however, want to give credit to our non-millennial volunteers, who are just as dedicated. Props to folks like John Schwark and Cliff Leventhal, just to name a few. We appreciate you!


Also, this is what YIMBYs look like watching NIMBYs say terrible things:

Every time you're having a rough NIMBY day, just go watch it again. Also, keep an eye out for bonus content like this debate.


*  *  *

ok, so it's more like a "skills summit" but that sounds lame.

And this is gonna be awesome. We need you to help to create infographics, collect research, make legislator score-cards, fill out the YIMBY Wiki, create tools for tracking projects... and whatever YOU think we need.


We'll be forming a committee to help organize, so email back, if you'd like to be involved in the planning. If you know companies that might like to chip in sponsorship, get in touch!


Friday Night 6/16

Drinks, Whiteboarding, Team Formation, Inspirational Talk, Pizza

Saturday Day 6/17


Sunday Day 6/18

Wrap up projects and presentations at 3pm!


*  *  *


Latest episode of INFILL,

It's a Pun. Laugh.

Also, announcing...

YIMBY.town will feature

Live Taping of INFILL

Saturday, July 14th at 1:45 pm

Get your Ticket Now!



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