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Three Critical Bills are up Tomorrow/Wed Morning

The State Assembly and the State Senate will both have critical housing bills heard at committees tomorrow morning. Please take 5 minutes to email the committees and let them know where you stand!

If you can join us in Sacramento, we're doing another road trip! Come with us!

Some sample content is below, but add your own personal message to make these as powerful as you can. And don't bury the lead: VOTE YES / VOTE NO





Please support SB 35. Senator Scott Wiener's housing streamlining bill is critical to taking steps to address California's chronic housing shortage. For too long, California has chronically underbuilt housing, and the state is in crisis. SB 35 streamlines the housing approval process for projects that meet the following requirements: include enough below-market-rate homes, pay prevailing wages for construction labor, and satisfy all objective affordability, density, zoning, historic, and environmental standards. As reports from LAO and the McKinsey Global Institute elucidate, California’s tortuous housing entitlement process must be streamlined to meet the need for housing.

AB 678 - HECK YES! 

Please support AB 678. Assemblymember Raul Bocanegra's proposed state law is designed to strengthen the Housing Accountability Act (HAA) by making it easier to enforce. Without this HAA strengthening bill we will continue to watch recalcitrant municipalities flagrantly disregard their housing obligations and ignore state mandates. We need this bill to prevents cities from denying zoning and general plan compliant proposed housing development projects, or conditioning their approval based on lower density, unless cities make findings that the proposed housing development would have specific adverse impacts on human health or safety.

AB 915 - HECK NO!

Please vote no on AB 915. This is a blatant, selfish attempt by San Francisco anti-housing activists to neuter the State Density Bonus Law and ensure that less housing is built. These special interests place their obsession with "developer give aways" above the clear and urgent need for every city to build housing, especially San Francisco. While they may believe that building more market-rate housing only "induces demand for housing," that is not backed up by the evidence. Instead, we all know that San Francisco and California have chronically under-built housing for decades, causing this housing shortage of crisis proportions. If this bill is passed, many housing projects in the pipeline will grind to a halt. Please do not indulge fringe anti-housing nonsense. Please do not indulge the "San Francisco is a special snowflake" mentality. Please help us build the housing we so desperately need. Please vote no on AB 915. 

If you're still feeling punchy, email your supervisor to support HomeSF!

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