New Year. New Housing.


"if the entire Bay Area had a more elastic housing supply, it would not only make living affordable for most people, it would allow a far larger portion of the population to find jobs and do things like save or spend money instead of moving somewhere distant and spending their money on driving, or even being unemployed."

- Kim-Mai Cutler, Burrowing Owls


We're starting 2017 with a BANG! And we need your help!

Vote for Yimby Delegates

his is REALLY IMPORTANT. If we want to have a voice in California Politics, we need to dominate the ADEM elections. Read more about ADEM here.

Now you're pumped! You'll need to come out and vote IN PERSON. Voting locations vary, depending on your Assembly District.

RSVP here or email us at [email protected]. Candidates include Joel Engardio, Laura Clark, Yimby Artist Alfred Twu and more! 

January 7th and 8th
Various Locations


Again. This is really, really important. We need you. RSVP NOW!


Yimby Party Jan. Meeting

661 Natoma Street
San Francisco, CA

Wed. Jan. 4th at 7pm

Open to all. This month's meeting will focus on messaging. We'll spend an hour or two whiteboarding ideas, with a focus on framing a compelling message for 2017.


Burrowing Owls Kickstarter!

We're creating a graphic novel of Kim-Mai Cutler's game-changing article "How Burrowing Owls Lead to Vomiting Anarchists" and it's gonna be EPIC. Become a Backer now! We'll have a launch party in March!


Yimby Happy Hour

an. 11 at 7pm

Drink with the Yimbys and send a not-so-subtle message that housing is good for everyone and they shouldn't fear the shadows...



We lost the Sierra Club Race...
But we'll do it again next year.

Join now, so you'll be able to vote next time.

Because we are doing this again next year. And every year. Until we win.


Listen to the latest episode of INFILL

Episode 13: How to Deal with Hill-Dwelling Haters



We're still collecting signatures to support:

Subsidized Affordable Senior Housing in Forest Hills!


Organizing is more important than ever.

Learn about house parties and sign up!