Yimby Party Congress August Newsletter

 Laura Clark, Grow San Francisco; Sonja Trauss BA Renters Federation; Milo Trauss, SF YIMBY PAC

Laura Clark, Grow San Francisco; Sonja Trauss BA Renters Federation; Milo Trauss, SF YIMBY PAC

lection Season is Here!

And the Yimby's are Canvassing near you...

Last weekend, The Yimby Political Action Team started getting the message out to voters! Volunteers knocked on over 300 doors, dropping YIMBY literature and speaking with voters. The response was overwhelmingly positive, with so many people literally thanking volunteers for letting them know which candidates were pro-housing! Read more at sfyimby.org.

Come Canvassing with YIMBY!

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The Yimby Political Action Fund is also asking for donations. Funds will go to printing and other costs of running a brilliant campaign. We need your help to prove that the Yimbys are a force to be reckoned with! 

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Share with your network!

Another way to get involved is to throw a Yimby House Party. If you live in an apartment building, it's a vital way to reach voters. Have a party with your friends at a bar, host a fundraiser or a just fun chat about housing with booze! These are super easy, and we help you with ideas and more. If you'd like to host a YimbyParty, we need you! Email [email protected]

in other news...

The By Right Saga Goes On

If you've been following By Right, you already know Yimby folks sent in over 500 letters asking Mayor Ed Lee to veto Supervisor Peskin's anti-By Right resolution. AND HE DID. Keep up to speed here.

We're starting a YIMBY Library!

We're collecting books, movies and articles that influence us, and we'd love your submissions. These should be somewhat foundational texts. Add your ideas to this Google Doc. Eventually we hope to have a physical library, and you'll be able to borrow books!

SFHAC: Housing Hero Awards

Get your ticket now!

Our friends at San Francisco Housing Action Coalition are having their annual Housing Hero Awards. It promises to be an amazing event, celebrating the incredible work of Supervisor Katy Tang and writer Kim-Mai Cutler 


New Yimby News Source: SFYIMBY.COM

Check out the coolest source for updates on Bay Area housing and transportation politics. They're looking for (volunteer) contributors and editors, so reach out! They've got 1000k hits per day and you can buy ads!

Infrastructure Summer Camp

The first day of Summer Camp was amazing - a tour of a construction site at 923 Folsom St. Next, the Yimby Party takes a tour of a project similar to what's proposed in this Curbed article on pre-fab microunits! This will be super interesting! Email [email protected] to reserve a spot!