The Yimby Party - July Newsletter

 GrowSF Fundraiser was a BASH!  Check out the photos on Facebook!

GrowSF Fundraiser was a BASH! Check out the photos on Facebook!


Polls Open in 83 Days...

The next few months will be critical in determining what kind of a city San Francisco will be. Will it be a dense, diverse, inclusive city; or, will we continue policies of exclusion and shortsightedness? 

We need you to get loud for housing and transportation!

So invite your friends to things! Reach out to your company about hosting a Housing Panel or Happy Hour! Volunteer to host a House Party for a candidate! Come join the party for housing!

OK, I'm PUMPED! What next?

Ask Mayor Ed Lee to Support By Right

Sign this Petition. Like right now!


Coalition Yimby Endorsement Meeting

Wed 7/20 at 6pm - 661 Natoma Street

If you have attended a Yimby Party meeting in the past, you can vote.

If you have attended 2 Yimby Party meetings, you can vote online.

District 7 candidates will be in attendance to court our endorsement.


Urbanist Movie Night

Friday 7/22 at 8:30pm - 661 Natoma Street

(Submit requests for other urbanist and San Francisco movies!)

Future Cities Series: The Fifth Element

Organizer Training

Sat. 7/23 9am to 6pm - 661 Natoma Street

Learn what you need to know to work on a campaign here in San Francisco! 

Come learn the interworking of a campaign and how to be an effective Yimby.

This will be MAJOR. Sign up Here.

Donate Office Supplies!

Wish List on Amazon

We need office supplies! Do you have something that might be useful in storage? Email us ASAP if you can donate! Or purchase us something from the Wish List!


We are also trying to build an Urbanist Library

If you have books or would like to sponsor a book, let us know!