36 Days until Voting Begins...

...and The Yimby Party is just getting started! Together, we've knocked on 811 doors, made 1247 phone calls and spoken with countless San Franciscans. Every day the movement grows, but we need your help to keep this going. 

Join us for voter outreach!

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”
- Margaret Mead

We're organizing a MASS MOBILIZATION on October 8th & 9th. We hope everyone can canvass or phone bank at least once before then. So come out and join us! Every single person you speak with brings us one step closer to building our vibrant, inclusive, diverse city.

Come out with us and change this city!

And if you volunteer 3 times in September, you get a free ticket to...

The Yimby Party Party!

Buy Your Ticket Now!

  Pictured: Yimby Member Caitlin enjoying herself at the GrowSF fundraiser

Pictured: Yimby Member Caitlin enjoying herself at the GrowSF fundraiser

Co-hosted by 

Trailblazer Kim-Mai Cutler

Saturday, September 24th

8pm - 12am

RSVP on Facebook & Invite Your Friends

  The beautiful venue has been generously donated by Elle & Matthew McGraw

The beautiful venue has been generously donated by Elle & Matthew McGraw

Limited Space! Get your ticket now!



The Yimby Party Congress

Endorsements Meeting

Wednesday 9/7

Wednesday, September 7th is the monthly Yimby Party Congress meeting, open to all. At this meeting we'll be voting on the BEAST of a ballot. The Yimby Staff has worked hard to make recommendations on the almost 40 ballot propositions. Because of the extent of the ballot, we will only be discussing the controversial items that people are split on. 

If you have attended two Yimby Party Congress meetings in the past, you can vote online. If you have attended one meeting, you must vote in person. All are welcome to attend and speak, but there will be strictly enforced time limits.

Read the Staff Recommendations Here

Cast Your Vote Here


And...We've got YIMBY SWAG!


Fellow Yimby Anam Khawaja designed our fabulous new logos, and we're sticking them on EVERYTHING. We've got buttons, mugs, t-shirts, totes... all for our fabulous volunteers and supporters. Become a Monthly Supporter now!



Outreach Cards

We know you're out there spreading the word, but what happens at the end of a really great conversation about our housing shortage? Now you can hand them one of these:

Pick up a pack at the Yimby Offices or we can mail you some.


Host Your Own Yimby Party Party

Have a House Party for Housing! They're fun, flexible ways to get your friends and network interested in the Urbanist Movement. You can host anything from a big panel discussion to a mellow game night. You've got the friends, we've got the resources.

If you live in an apartment building, these house parties are critical for outreach.

Learn about house parties and sign up!

Laura Clark & The Yimby Party!