This past weekend (August 6th and 7th) we had 7 volunteers and we talked to or dropped slate cards with over 363 houses in District 9 aka the Mission. We are focusing on canvassing voters who have registered to vote in the last 2 years (since August 2014). There are 5,597 such voters in District 9. Out of the 363 doors we knocked this weekend, we talked to 84 people. That is slightly higher than the canvassing average of 20%. Of those 84 people, an astonishing 74% were receptive to our message!

To put that in perspective, there are 39,418 voters currently registered in D9. The total turn out in the June primary was 21,415 (or 54%). Slightly more than half of those, 53%, voted by mail, and the rest voted on election day. The expected turnout for the Nov Election is 33,505 (85%), which means, Josh Arce needs an estimated 17,100 votes to win.

Our goal is to contact all 5,597 "new" voters in District 9 by October 10th, when voting by mail begins. To accomplish that goal, we have to contact 92 voters per day. This Thursday we have 5 volunteers for phone banking. We expect to be able to contact 300 voters. We'll be able to contact about 1,000 voters via email. If we have 15 volunteers this coming weekend, we can contact 700 voters. Sign up here: your share of D9 voters! It's super helpful and worth it.