Bring More People Home

Open the gates. Build housing.



"...we will be able to rise from the fatigue of despair to the buoyancy of hope. And this will be a great America. We will be the participants in making it so."

- Martin Luther King Jr.

I write this newsletter to all of you with a renewed sense of urgency about this mission we've embarked upon together. With the election of Donald Trump, many people across the US are feeling especially vulnerable and targeted. 

Right now they are looking to cities like San Francisco as a light in the darkness. They want to come here. So it is our responsibility to make room. We cannot turn our backs on all the people who want join our cities. We need to welcome people like Skylar Taylor, who no longer feel safe.

The term "Sanctuary City" has little meaning if people cannot afford to live here. If the Bay Area is going to be a safe haven, we must open the gates and build more housing.

I am so glad all of you are in this with us. 

- Laura

We Keep Going.

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In local elections, we did pretty well. Though the final count is not official yet, you can track the latest count here at the Department of Elections. Right now, the only race too close to call is the Supervisor race for District 11 between Ahsha Safai and Kim Alveranga. That race has recently tightened, though most still think Safai will be elected.

Over the course of the campaign we had more than 150 individual volunteers, most of whom volunteered for more than 10 hours. We spoke to thousands and thousands of voters over the phone and on the street. We sent out more than 75,000 mailers and put more than 10,000 YIMBY slate cards directly into voters' hands. The work we did was incredible, thanks to you!

Listen to the Yimby Crew chat election results on the latest episode of INFILL:

Evil Must Be Opposed.

What now?



The Sierra Club Elections have started!

We're leading the way! Which is great, but we need your help to develop resources for all the YIMBY folks across the country who have reached out to us for guidance. This will take lots of staff time, resources we don't have right now. Please consider donating to this important project.

We're scheduling "Sit Downs with City Supervisors" and you're invited!


Come to the Urbanist Art Show & Holiday Party!

Urban-themed crafts, art, holiday gifts, book readings, house music, drinks... 

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Come to an interesting panel!

osted by the California Renters Legal Advocacy and Education Fund & the SF Yimby Party


Ben Metcalf, Director, CA Dept. of Housing and Community Development
Tomiquia Moss, Chief of Staff, Oakland Mayor’s Office
Michael Lens, Professor of Urban Planning, UCLA
Kate Downing, Co-Founder, Palo Alto Forward


We've still got YIMBY SWAG!

Organizing is more important than ever.

Host Your Own Yimby Party Party!

Have a House Party for Housing! They're fun, flexible ways to get your friends and network interested in the Urbanist Movement. You can host anything from a big panel discussion to a mellow game night. You've got the friends, we've got the resources.

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