Housing Ballot Measure Debate at Swedish American Hall

Excellent KALW coverage of this excellent debate here, including audio.

Excerpts from the coverage:

It helps to understand the two sides involved. There’s the pro-growthers, the people who believe we need to build our way out of this housing crisis with more housing of every kind, including luxury. These are the YIMBY’s (Yes In My Backyard). This group has really gotten mobilized this year. They tend to align more with moderate leaders including Mayor Ed Lee, and in some cases the real estate lobby.
The difference between this side and the YIMBY’s, is these folks don’t see unbridled market-rate construction as a solution. They tend to prioritize maintaining the right mix of income levels in all new construction, even if it means less overall housing gets built

But, not everyone believes that it’s merely innocent, inclusive democracy that the progressives are after. Some YIMBY’s think Prop. M is an attempt to maintain CCHO’s power over housing policy. Supervisor Mark Farrell said our current policies lead to favoritism toward CCHO.

It’s important to note that a bunch of groups of the YIMBY persuasion who tend to disagree with Cohen have not gotten behind Props. P and U. One other housing measure has enjoyed similar across-the-aisle support. That’s Prop. C—a bond the city would use to buy and retrofit old buildings and convert them to affordable housing. Glimmers of solidarity have shone out across the housing advocacy divide around prop. C. But, the measure’s still got its opponents. They didn’t address prop. C at Monday’s debate. It’s like Thanksgiving dinner with your family, some things are just too painful to discuss.