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The YIMBYs descended on Sacramento and took the State House by storm! With YIMBYs from across the state, we met with more than 15 Assembly and Senate offices and made it clear the YIMBY movement is growing.

Check out photos and send us your to add to the album! Tag photos and spread the word: We got game.

We were also there for the Senate Transportation & Housing Committee hearing on the state of housing in California and Senator Scott Wiener's SB35. We've putting excerpts from the hearing on...

upcoming events...



Planning Commissioners

Wednesday, March 29th at 6:30pm

A round table discussion with Planning Commissioners from the Bay Area, talking about housing and the ever so delightful process. Come learn how they make decisions and what they think about when we talk AT them.

San Francisco Planning Commissioner Christine Johnson
Berkeley Planning Commisioner Denise Pinkston
Oakland Planning Commissioner Adhi Nagraj

Drinks at 6:30
Talk at 7:00

Newbies Meeting

1390 Market Street
Regus - 2nd Floor
San Francisco, CA

Get up to speed with what's been happening in San Francisco YIMBY, club activities, lawsuits, ways to get involved, and more. Ask questions and connect with other YIMBYs!

Take action now!

SF residents: Reach out to your Supervisor about



Find your Supervisor's contact information and reach out. Let them know you support more housing and want to see more legislation like this!

Contact your Supervisor now!

CA residents: reach out to your representative about

Senator Wiener's SB35

Find your rep and voice your support!

US residents: Reach out to your representative about

HR 948

Find your federal rep and voice your support!

Become a Member

Become a Business Member

Donate to YIMBY Action


Laura Clark & The Yimby Party!

Yimby Headquarters
1390 Market Street
Regus - 2nd Floor
San Francisco, CA

New Year. New Housing.


"if the entire Bay Area had a more elastic housing supply, it would not only make living affordable for most people, it would allow a far larger portion of the population to find jobs and do things like save or spend money instead of moving somewhere distant and spending their money on driving, or even being unemployed."

- Kim-Mai Cutler, Burrowing Owls


We're starting 2017 with a BANG! And we need your help!

Vote for Yimby Delegates

his is REALLY IMPORTANT. If we want to have a voice in California Politics, we need to dominate the ADEM elections. Read more about ADEM here.

Now you're pumped! You'll need to come out and vote IN PERSON. Voting locations vary, depending on your Assembly District.

RSVP here or email us at Candidates include Joel Engardio, Laura Clark, Yimby Artist Alfred Twu and more! 

January 7th and 8th
Various Locations


Again. This is really, really important. We need you. RSVP NOW!


Yimby Party Jan. Meeting

661 Natoma Street
San Francisco, CA

Wed. Jan. 4th at 7pm

Open to all. This month's meeting will focus on messaging. We'll spend an hour or two whiteboarding ideas, with a focus on framing a compelling message for 2017.


Burrowing Owls Kickstarter!

We're creating a graphic novel of Kim-Mai Cutler's game-changing article "How Burrowing Owls Lead to Vomiting Anarchists" and it's gonna be EPIC. Become a Backer now! We'll have a launch party in March!


Yimby Happy Hour

an. 11 at 7pm

Drink with the Yimbys and send a not-so-subtle message that housing is good for everyone and they shouldn't fear the shadows...



We lost the Sierra Club Race...
But we'll do it again next year.

Join now, so you'll be able to vote next time.

Because we are doing this again next year. And every year. Until we win.


Listen to the latest episode of INFILL

Episode 13: How to Deal with Hill-Dwelling Haters



We're still collecting signatures to support:

Subsidized Affordable Senior Housing in Forest Hills!


Organizing is more important than ever.

Learn about house parties and sign up!

Bring More People Home

Open the gates. Build housing.



"...we will be able to rise from the fatigue of despair to the buoyancy of hope. And this will be a great America. We will be the participants in making it so."

- Martin Luther King Jr.

I write this newsletter to all of you with a renewed sense of urgency about this mission we've embarked upon together. With the election of Donald Trump, many people across the US are feeling especially vulnerable and targeted. 

Right now they are looking to cities like San Francisco as a light in the darkness. They want to come here. So it is our responsibility to make room. We cannot turn our backs on all the people who want join our cities. We need to welcome people like Skylar Taylor, who no longer feel safe.

The term "Sanctuary City" has little meaning if people cannot afford to live here. If the Bay Area is going to be a safe haven, we must open the gates and build more housing.

I am so glad all of you are in this with us. 

- Laura

We Keep Going.

Donate to GrowSF

In local elections, we did pretty well. Though the final count is not official yet, you can track the latest count here at the Department of Elections. Right now, the only race too close to call is the Supervisor race for District 11 between Ahsha Safai and Kim Alveranga. That race has recently tightened, though most still think Safai will be elected.

Over the course of the campaign we had more than 150 individual volunteers, most of whom volunteered for more than 10 hours. We spoke to thousands and thousands of voters over the phone and on the street. We sent out more than 75,000 mailers and put more than 10,000 YIMBY slate cards directly into voters' hands. The work we did was incredible, thanks to you!

Listen to the Yimby Crew chat election results on the latest episode of INFILL:

Evil Must Be Opposed.

What now?



The Sierra Club Elections have started!

We're leading the way! Which is great, but we need your help to develop resources for all the YIMBY folks across the country who have reached out to us for guidance. This will take lots of staff time, resources we don't have right now. Please consider donating to this important project.

We're scheduling "Sit Downs with City Supervisors" and you're invited!


Come to the Urbanist Art Show & Holiday Party!

Urban-themed crafts, art, holiday gifts, book readings, house music, drinks... 

Contact us to submit something!



Come to an interesting panel!

osted by the California Renters Legal Advocacy and Education Fund & the SF Yimby Party


Ben Metcalf, Director, CA Dept. of Housing and Community Development
Tomiquia Moss, Chief of Staff, Oakland Mayor’s Office
Michael Lens, Professor of Urban Planning, UCLA
Kate Downing, Co-Founder, Palo Alto Forward


We've still got YIMBY SWAG!

Organizing is more important than ever.

Host Your Own Yimby Party Party!

Have a House Party for Housing! They're fun, flexible ways to get your friends and network interested in the Urbanist Movement. You can host anything from a big panel discussion to a mellow game night. You've got the friends, we've got the resources.

Learn about house parties and sign up!


Housing Ballot Measure Debate at Swedish American Hall

Excellent KALW coverage of this excellent debate here, including audio.

Excerpts from the coverage:

It helps to understand the two sides involved. There’s the pro-growthers, the people who believe we need to build our way out of this housing crisis with more housing of every kind, including luxury. These are the YIMBY’s (Yes In My Backyard). This group has really gotten mobilized this year. They tend to align more with moderate leaders including Mayor Ed Lee, and in some cases the real estate lobby.
The difference between this side and the YIMBY’s, is these folks don’t see unbridled market-rate construction as a solution. They tend to prioritize maintaining the right mix of income levels in all new construction, even if it means less overall housing gets built

But, not everyone believes that it’s merely innocent, inclusive democracy that the progressives are after. Some YIMBY’s think Prop. M is an attempt to maintain CCHO’s power over housing policy. Supervisor Mark Farrell said our current policies lead to favoritism toward CCHO.

It’s important to note that a bunch of groups of the YIMBY persuasion who tend to disagree with Cohen have not gotten behind Props. P and U. One other housing measure has enjoyed similar across-the-aisle support. That’s Prop. C—a bond the city would use to buy and retrofit old buildings and convert them to affordable housing. Glimmers of solidarity have shone out across the housing advocacy divide around prop. C. But, the measure’s still got its opponents. They didn’t address prop. C at Monday’s debate. It’s like Thanksgiving dinner with your family, some things are just too painful to discuss.


36 Days until Voting Begins...

...and The Yimby Party is just getting started! Together, we've knocked on 811 doors, made 1247 phone calls and spoken with countless San Franciscans. Every day the movement grows, but we need your help to keep this going. 

Join us for voter outreach!

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”
- Margaret Mead

We're organizing a MASS MOBILIZATION on October 8th & 9th. We hope everyone can canvass or phone bank at least once before then. So come out and join us! Every single person you speak with brings us one step closer to building our vibrant, inclusive, diverse city.

Come out with us and change this city!

And if you volunteer 3 times in September, you get a free ticket to...

The Yimby Party Party!

Buy Your Ticket Now!

Pictured: Yimby Member Caitlin enjoying herself at the GrowSF fundraiser

Pictured: Yimby Member Caitlin enjoying herself at the GrowSF fundraiser

Co-hosted by 

Trailblazer Kim-Mai Cutler

Saturday, September 24th

8pm - 12am

RSVP on Facebook & Invite Your Friends

The beautiful venue has been generously donated by Elle & Matthew McGraw

The beautiful venue has been generously donated by Elle & Matthew McGraw

Limited Space! Get your ticket now!



The Yimby Party Congress

Endorsements Meeting

Wednesday 9/7

Wednesday, September 7th is the monthly Yimby Party Congress meeting, open to all. At this meeting we'll be voting on the BEAST of a ballot. The Yimby Staff has worked hard to make recommendations on the almost 40 ballot propositions. Because of the extent of the ballot, we will only be discussing the controversial items that people are split on. 

If you have attended two Yimby Party Congress meetings in the past, you can vote online. If you have attended one meeting, you must vote in person. All are welcome to attend and speak, but there will be strictly enforced time limits.

Read the Staff Recommendations Here

Cast Your Vote Here


And...We've got YIMBY SWAG!


Fellow Yimby Anam Khawaja designed our fabulous new logos, and we're sticking them on EVERYTHING. We've got buttons, mugs, t-shirts, totes... all for our fabulous volunteers and supporters. Become a Monthly Supporter now!



Outreach Cards

We know you're out there spreading the word, but what happens at the end of a really great conversation about our housing shortage? Now you can hand them one of these:

Pick up a pack at the Yimby Offices or we can mail you some.


Host Your Own Yimby Party Party

Have a House Party for Housing! They're fun, flexible ways to get your friends and network interested in the Urbanist Movement. You can host anything from a big panel discussion to a mellow game night. You've got the friends, we've got the resources.

If you live in an apartment building, these house parties are critical for outreach.

Learn about house parties and sign up!

Laura Clark & The Yimby Party!


Planning Commissioners Cindy Wu and Michael Antonini are on their way out, leaving two vacancies in the 7-person commissioner body. Replacements will be nominated by the mayor and Board of Supervisors president London Breed (one each), with both selections requiring approval from the Board of Supervisors

One of these departures is probably a good thing for the YIMBY cause. To give you an idea of Wu’s position on housing policy, she recently penned an Op-Ed in the SF Examiner on why Jerry Brown’s by right housing proposal will hurt affordability, citing several Jane Kim-isms about how it will result in losing community bargaining power, but failing to include anything related to economic sense, or a critical look at how this position has panned out over several decades.  As a refresher, the governor’s proposal is a much-lauded plan to streamline development that already complies with literally everything, aiming to increase overall housing production and curtail the abuse our current hyper-local land use system. Somehow four years on the Planning Commission failed to make said abuse apparent to Cindy, as her piece paints the proposal as a conspiratorial way of undermining affordability. Anyway, like we said, probably a good thing her seat is opening up.

Antonini, meanwhile, recognized how dramatically the city had under built over the past several decades, and has generally been in support of new development and density. Antonini saw the problem and voted in support of projects to fix it. Unfortunately, he wasn’t a great representative when you go outside his voting actions. A ballot guide he wrote last year for friends and family made unsavory comments bashing “pinkos” and “socialists”, remarks rather characteristic of his Republican party. A petition was even started to get him removed from the Planning Commission. In any case, his 14-year term is coming to an end. 

So, what does this mean for San Francisco, and for YIMBYs? Opportunity to get two more pro-density voices on the Planning Commission! No word on who those replacements might be just yet, but the two-page application looks pretty approachable.  


Leigha Beckman


This past weekend (August 6th and 7th) we had 7 volunteers and we talked to or dropped slate cards with over 363 houses in District 9 aka the Mission. We are focusing on canvassing voters who have registered to vote in the last 2 years (since August 2014). There are 5,597 such voters in District 9. Out of the 363 doors we knocked this weekend, we talked to 84 people. That is slightly higher than the canvassing average of 20%. Of those 84 people, an astonishing 74% were receptive to our message!

To put that in perspective, there are 39,418 voters currently registered in D9. The total turn out in the June primary was 21,415 (or 54%). Slightly more than half of those, 53%, voted by mail, and the rest voted on election day. The expected turnout for the Nov Election is 33,505 (85%), which means, Josh Arce needs an estimated 17,100 votes to win.

Our goal is to contact all 5,597 "new" voters in District 9 by October 10th, when voting by mail begins. To accomplish that goal, we have to contact 92 voters per day. This Thursday we have 5 volunteers for phone banking. We expect to be able to contact 300 voters. We'll be able to contact about 1,000 voters via email. If we have 15 volunteers this coming weekend, we can contact 700 voters. Sign up here: your share of D9 voters! It's super helpful and worth it.


Yimby Party Congress August Newsletter

Laura Clark, Grow San Francisco; Sonja Trauss BA Renters Federation; Milo Trauss, SF YIMBY PAC

Laura Clark, Grow San Francisco; Sonja Trauss BA Renters Federation; Milo Trauss, SF YIMBY PAC

lection Season is Here!

And the Yimby's are Canvassing near you...

Last weekend, The Yimby Political Action Team started getting the message out to voters! Volunteers knocked on over 300 doors, dropping YIMBY literature and speaking with voters. The response was overwhelmingly positive, with so many people literally thanking volunteers for letting them know which candidates were pro-housing! Read more at

Come Canvassing with YIMBY!

Sign up Here

The Yimby Political Action Fund is also asking for donations. Funds will go to printing and other costs of running a brilliant campaign. We need your help to prove that the Yimbys are a force to be reckoned with! 

Donate on ActBlue

Share with your network!

Another way to get involved is to throw a Yimby House Party. If you live in an apartment building, it's a vital way to reach voters. Have a party with your friends at a bar, host a fundraiser or a just fun chat about housing with booze! These are super easy, and we help you with ideas and more. If you'd like to host a YimbyParty, we need you! Email

in other news...

The By Right Saga Goes On

If you've been following By Right, you already know Yimby folks sent in over 500 letters asking Mayor Ed Lee to veto Supervisor Peskin's anti-By Right resolution. AND HE DID. Keep up to speed here.

We're starting a YIMBY Library!

We're collecting books, movies and articles that influence us, and we'd love your submissions. These should be somewhat foundational texts. Add your ideas to this Google Doc. Eventually we hope to have a physical library, and you'll be able to borrow books!

SFHAC: Housing Hero Awards

Get your ticket now!

Our friends at San Francisco Housing Action Coalition are having their annual Housing Hero Awards. It promises to be an amazing event, celebrating the incredible work of Supervisor Katy Tang and writer Kim-Mai Cutler 


New Yimby News Source: SFYIMBY.COM

Check out the coolest source for updates on Bay Area housing and transportation politics. They're looking for (volunteer) contributors and editors, so reach out! They've got 1000k hits per day and you can buy ads!

Infrastructure Summer Camp

The first day of Summer Camp was amazing - a tour of a construction site at 923 Folsom St. Next, the Yimby Party takes a tour of a project similar to what's proposed in this Curbed article on pre-fab microunits! This will be super interesting! Email to reserve a spot!

The Yimby Party - July Newsletter

GrowSF Fundraiser was a BASH! Check out the photos on Facebook!

GrowSF Fundraiser was a BASH! Check out the photos on Facebook!


Polls Open in 83 Days...

The next few months will be critical in determining what kind of a city San Francisco will be. Will it be a dense, diverse, inclusive city; or, will we continue policies of exclusion and shortsightedness? 

We need you to get loud for housing and transportation!

So invite your friends to things! Reach out to your company about hosting a Housing Panel or Happy Hour! Volunteer to host a House Party for a candidate! Come join the party for housing!

OK, I'm PUMPED! What next?

Ask Mayor Ed Lee to Support By Right

Sign this Petition. Like right now!


Coalition Yimby Endorsement Meeting

Wed 7/20 at 6pm - 661 Natoma Street

If you have attended a Yimby Party meeting in the past, you can vote.

If you have attended 2 Yimby Party meetings, you can vote online.

District 7 candidates will be in attendance to court our endorsement.


Urbanist Movie Night

Friday 7/22 at 8:30pm - 661 Natoma Street

(Submit requests for other urbanist and San Francisco movies!)

Future Cities Series: The Fifth Element

Organizer Training

Sat. 7/23 9am to 6pm - 661 Natoma Street

Learn what you need to know to work on a campaign here in San Francisco! 

Come learn the interworking of a campaign and how to be an effective Yimby.

This will be MAJOR. Sign up Here.

Donate Office Supplies!

Wish List on Amazon

We need office supplies! Do you have something that might be useful in storage? Email us ASAP if you can donate! Or purchase us something from the Wish List!


We are also trying to build an Urbanist Library

If you have books or would like to sponsor a book, let us know!